Our Mission:

To provide dental healing and restoration through screenings, treatment and education to uninsured populations of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. 


Our Purpose:

  • To operate and maintain an organization to develop and manage educational programs throughout Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri to promote  the importance of starting and maintaining proper dental hygiene, especially with young kids, the elderly, and the uninsured and underserved. 

  • The Foundation helps to provide free dental screenings to businesses, local health fairs, community events, and more!  These screenings help to detect oral cancer, gum disease and possible decay for those who may not otherwise be able to visit a dentist.  The Foundation’s goal is to help people better understand their dental needs, how their oral health affects their overall total body wellness, and to make oral health care a priority for themselves and their families.

  • Smile Salvation Foundation holds a 501(c)(3) non-profit status, and is governed by a Board of Directors serving 4 year terms without compensation and being responsible for the development of professional policies and fiscal policies to assure a continuing sound financial posture. 

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