Find Out If You Qualify, Then Apply For Dental Assistance

The oral health of your family plays a major role in their overall well-being. You may, unfortunately, be among the many uninsured and under-insured in Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. If so, please read further, as Smile Salvation a would like to offer you cleanings, extractions, fillings, and periodontal treatment - if you qualify. Smile Salvation accepts applications from Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.


  • Can't be over 200% of the US Poverty Guidelines

  • Must be uninsured and employed full time

What do you need to do?

You need:

  • Current paycheck stub

  • Prior years tax return

  • A medical release from your doctor if pregnant.


You and your family will get instructions on proper oral care, in order to prevent future oral health problems. 


Click here for our application.

Requirements for FREE dental care

Household Size









US Poverty Guideline