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Do You Need Something To Smile About? 

At Smile Salvation, we understand that many people are struggling to make ends meet while simply caring for their families. We want to help alleviate the burden by allowing hard working families to get the oral care they need. That is why we are offering some free dental treatment to those who qualify regardless of their ability to pay. Services may include cleanings, fillings, extractions and possible periodontal treatment. Through this program we have been able to treat over 100 free patients.


  • Must Be Employed Full Time

  • Must Not Have Dental Insurance

  • Must Not Be On Medicaid

  • Must Not Make Over 200% Of The US Poverty Guidelines

In order to complete the application for eligibility, click the Apply page above and submit the required documentation including a Current Pay Stub, Previous Year's Tax Return and A Medical Release From Your Doctor (if necessary). 

Everyone deserves to have a smile they are proud of and proud to show. Let the Smile Salvation Foundation give you Something To Smile About today!